About the Team

The Maine Mayhem is Maine’s only full contact women’s football team. We are a new team in Maine and are members of the WFA (Women’s Football Alliance). In our first year, we became IWFL Affiliate Bowl Champions. We can’t wait to have a shot at division iii championship in 2017!

The Mayhem provide women 18 and over a chance to play full contact football in a positive environment where the expectation is that honesty, integrity, and sportsmanship are embraced by every participant.

Vision statement

The vision of the Maine Mayhem is to create a highly competitive women’s football team and substantially expand community awareness of the opportunity for women to play tackle football.

Mission statement

The mission of the Maine Mayhem is to provide women the opportunity to both learn and play tackle football in an encouraging environment that focuses on the fundamentals and techniques necessary for a positive experience in football and life.