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Grade: 10
School/Team playing for: Poland Regional High School (Knights)
Number of years playing football? 11 years
Q: Other sports played or hobbies?
A: Sports – Softball and Cheering
Hobbies – Student Council, Drama, Speech and Debate, Math Team, reading, painting and watching Netflix
Q: How does it feel to play football on a predominantly boys team?
A: Playing in an all boys football team is something that I have done for most of my life, when I first started playing it was me and my best friend playing together but after a year of tackle she transferred back to soccer and I continued with football because it is where I felt like I belonged. Despite being the only girl and needing to find special rooms so that I’m able to change before a game, football is a place where I have always been welcome regardless of the fact that I am a girl. The guys on the team are like my older brothers, they tease me and annoy me to death, but when it comes down to it – they always protect me and make sure that I am okay. There isn’t a better environment when it comes to a team sport. But being the only girl on a team also comes with a lot of work, you have to prove yourself everyday multiple times a day and even then, even when you are doing everything perfectly, you need to come back the next day and do it all over again. Gaining respect is something that comes easily but having everyone believe in you, is impossible. There will always be someone that doubts you but those people aren’t who matter, the only people who matter are the ones who believe in you.
Q: What is your favorite thing about the game of football?
A: My favorite thing about the game of football is that it empowers me. The strength of knowing that everyone around me is working toward the same goal and I am a part of what allows our team’s scheme to work. The feeling of winning the game everyone thought was impossible, the feeling of proving people who don’t think you can do it wrong, making that tackle, blowing up that play, the power that comes along with it is something that you can only feel if you are there to experience it.
Q: What would you tell other girls who want to play but haven’t yet?
A: Any girl who wants to play football should take that chance, the drive to play such a sport isn’t one that will ever go away and you don’t want to look back at these days and regret not at least giving it a shot. There will always be people who doubt you, people who won’t believe in you or what you are capable of, even your own teammates may not see you for what you can do, everyone sees the ponytail and automatically thinks you can’t do it but, that disbelief is what makes it all so sweet to prove otherwise. Being told you aren’t good enough just because you are a girl doesn’t mean anything, when people tell you that it’s mostly because they can’t stand seeing that you may be able to show them up. Take the drive and determination you have and show everyone how amazing you are, how amazing being a girl is. Everyone is going to underestimate you but that’s okay because they done have to believe in you, the only person that needs to do that is you. Once you show them what you can do, others will follow. Be the girl who steps out and shows everyone that you can do it just as well as a boy, most of the time – even better.


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